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Tips For Beginner Runners

I started running five years ago after a period of feeling out of shape and constantly lethargic. Running was something I could do on my lunch break that didn't require any expensive equipment or a gym membership. I suffered a few injuries in the early days due to poor running technique, so I started learning everything I could about proper running form and how to warm up and cool down safely. I now have three marathons under my belt and volunteer at my local running club to help get new runners off to a good start. I started this blog to share what I've learned with new runners, and I hope you find my tips useful.


Tips For Beginner Runners

About To Go On A Boating Adventure? Watch Out For This Safety Equipment

Troy Murray

When choosing a boat to go on a voyage for a weekend getaway, you'll probably want one that provides the ultimate comfort for you, your family and pet. You may also want to choose the most affordable one. An essential factor that you shouldn't neglect is whether your boat provider has complied with all the safety regulations as required by the law. Boat accidents are rare, but fatal when they occur. Having the appropriate safety gear can reduce the risks and save lives. Ask if these safety equipment are available:

  • Map or chart

Boating adventures are best when you ride offshore. You get to see more sea creatures and shells as you experience the full calmness of the sea. However, as your voyage gets deeper into the sea, the risks of getting lost increases. This explains why boats operating offshore are required to fit a functional marine compass, map or chart that can point out offshore reefs and landmarks. The satellite navigation equipment is not enough because it can fail or fail to work appropriately due to weather distortions. A map or a chart will help to ascertain your current position and get your way back with much ease.

  • Life-jackets

Life-jackets are known to save lives in boating incidents. In fact, the Australian marine authorities require every recreational vessel to carry life-jackets while on the voyage. The life-jackets must be approved and in good condition. If you're in the company of your friends or family, ensure your boat provider has enough life-jackets for every person on board. Ensure you wear the correct size as well.

  • Fire extinguishers

Check if the boat you're about to choose has a fire extinguisher. In case a fire erupts at the sea, you'll use the fire extinguisher to put it out. It is compulsory for all recreational vessels with gas installation, start motor, fuel stove or battery to carry fire extinguishers. The extinguishers must be suitable for the type of fuel used by the vessel. If the vessel uses more than one fuel type, the corresponding fire extinguishers must be present.  

  • Flares

In case there is danger offshore and help is coming your way, igniting flares assists your rescuers to find you quickly. Ask whether the flares in the boat are out-of-date before hiring it. Their usual span is three years. A flare disposal should also come in handy for safe disposal of expired flares.

With the aforementioned equipment, you're now set to enjoy the scenery and beauty of the sea. Make sure you are in good health before the adventure. Your safety in the sea is important, and therefore, should be prioritised. Contact marine services near you for more information and assistance.