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Tips For Beginner Runners

I started running five years ago after a period of feeling out of shape and constantly lethargic. Running was something I could do on my lunch break that didn't require any expensive equipment or a gym membership. I suffered a few injuries in the early days due to poor running technique, so I started learning everything I could about proper running form and how to warm up and cool down safely. I now have three marathons under my belt and volunteer at my local running club to help get new runners off to a good start. I started this blog to share what I've learned with new runners, and I hope you find my tips useful.


Tips For Beginner Runners

The Three Types Of Athlete That Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts Are Better For

Troy Murray

Tennis in Australia is broadly contained to two main surfaces: hard and synthetic grass. While most competitive tournaments are played on hard tennis courts, there are a lot of advantages to playing on synthetic grass tennis courts that often go overlooked. If you are looking for advice on which type you should build on your own property, then there is more to dissect than simply asking 'what do the pros use?'. Here are three different types of athletes that would benefit most from synthetic grass tennis courts and why they are driving the shift from hard courts to the softer alternative.

Older Australians

Many people who can afford a property large enough to have a tennis court installed are middle-aged tennis enthusiasts and up. Tennis can be played at almost any age, and many people do stay active in the sport until well into their retirement years. However, harder surfaces are much more impactful on the joints, not just if you fall over but also through regular usage. Softer, synthetic grass tennis courts are much more forgiving on your bones and joints, which makes them a much smarter choice for any older Australian looking to get back into this sport once again.


People with young children know just how clumsy and injury-prone they can be. While tennis courts are great places for children to expend some of their pent-up energy, they can be magnets for grazes, cuts and sprained ankles. Synthetic grass tennis courts are easier on the body when you do trip and stumble, as many kids will do a hundred times a day when having fun with their friends. Instead of having to constantly monitor them and remind your children to be careful, feel safe knowing that even the bigger falls that they might have on synthetic grass will most likely do very little damage.

Budget Focused

Not only are synthetic grass tennis courts easier to install from a price point of view, but they are also easier to maintain. If your acrylic or hard surface tennis court has any sort of damage, then you can be looking at thousands in repairs. Synthetic grass tennis courts rarely have any of the same worries because of the combination of materials used in their construction. If you want a tennis court without the price tag that makes you wonder if they are installing Wimbledon itself in your backyard, then synthetic grass is the option for you. Reach out to a professional for more information about synthetic grass tennis courts