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Tips For Beginner Runners

I started running five years ago after a period of feeling out of shape and constantly lethargic. Running was something I could do on my lunch break that didn't require any expensive equipment or a gym membership. I suffered a few injuries in the early days due to poor running technique, so I started learning everything I could about proper running form and how to warm up and cool down safely. I now have three marathons under my belt and volunteer at my local running club to help get new runners off to a good start. I started this blog to share what I've learned with new runners, and I hope you find my tips useful.


Tips For Beginner Runners

Fishing: Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Next Boat Hire

Troy Murray

Hiring a fishing boat doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. If you would like to head out on the ocean to do some fishing with your friends but you do not want to spend a fortune, check out the money saving tips below.

Hire a smaller vessel

The cost of hiring a boat will increase in line with the size of the vessel. If you hire a large boat, you can expect that it will make a large hole in your wallet. While larger boats give you more space and tend to be steadier on choppy waters, if your group is quite small, you may be able to downsize slightly so you can make significant savings.

Captain the boat yourself

Aside from fuel, one of the largest expenses when it comes to boat hire is hiring the services of a professional skipper to captain the vessel. However, if anyone is your group has the knowledge and a licence to skipper the class of boat you will be hiring, you should consider asking the boat hire company if they can captain the boat. This will help to reduce the overall cost of your boat hire.

Cut back on extras such as food

Many boat hire companies will provide extras such as food and drink to keep you happy and well fed during your fishing expedition. However, these extras often come at a price. You can help to reduce the cost of your fishing boat hire by cutting back on these extra services. Instead, you should pack your own food and drink and bring it onboard in cool boxes to keep it fresh.

Bring your own equipment

While fishing equipment can be costly, so can hiring it every time you head out on a boat. If you do not already own your own gear, you should look online and in the second-hand sections of your local fishing equipment shop. It is possible to pick up a used fishing rod and other gear for a very reasonable price. After a few occasions of hiring a boat without having to pay an additional fee for the use of the companies equipment, you will have easily recouped the money you spent on your own rod and gear.

If you would like to find out more about getting the best deal, you should contact a fishing boat hire company today for more information.